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Some patients are interested in a non-surgical approach to treating obesity. Previously there has not been a safe, effective non-surgical option, but a new device has just been approved. We are happy to offer the “ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System.”

A Comprehensive Program

reshape_programThe ReShape Procedure is not a cure for obesity. It helps with weight loss. During your time with the balloon, you will have the chance to develop new lifestyle skills. Working hard on these new habits will give you the best chance of losing weight. The ReShape Procedure has three parts:

Once every month for 6 months you will meet with the staff at our practice. At each monthly meeting, you will receive that treatment and more, including:

  • Customized coaching based on your progress
  • Diet support
  • Exercise support
  • Educational support
  • Review of your ReShape Patient Portal
  • Body composition and weight measurements
  • Review of your targets and online support
  • Behavioral and emotional support in one-on-one or group sessions as needed

Your program includes the full 6 months of support with ReShape’s online tools like food trackers, recipes, forums, and reminders. All patients will get a Fitbit® wireless scale and activity tracker that will connect with an app or web portal. This will help them track their weight, activity and calorie consumption. That information will be provided to our staff so we can discuss goals and achievements.

Weight loss balloon cost

The cost of the one year comprehensive program is $6799*. This not only includes the device, insertion and removal procedures (surgeon, anesthesia, and facility), Fitbit Scale and Activity Tracker, but a full 6 months of follow up with our highly trained medical and nutritional staff members. Financing is available.

*$6799 is the discounted cash pay price if paid by cashier’s check or money order. The total cost of the procedure is $6999.

Balloon BMI chart

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