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Emergency Surgery and the Risk of Obesity

We know that obesity is a risk factor for diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and some cancers. But there are other ways obesity is dangerous too. One of these is highlighted by a new study which found that people who are obese face major risks when they are admitted to the hospital for [...]

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Fluttering Heart and Weight Loss

Have you heard of "AFib"? It's a condition that approximately 2.7 million Americans have, although some may not know it. AFib is short for "atrial fibrillation" and it involves irregular beating of the heart. Some people describe it as they feel their heart flutter or skip a beat. According to the American Heart Association, only [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Carol

Individual results may vary. This was Carol on April 14, 2013. She weighed 225 pounds.   Carol had bariatric surgery and worked very hard. This is Carol less than 1 year later, weighing 124 pounds! Individual results may vary. Carol says, "I'm almost half the woman I once was. I feel [...]

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Do Commercial Weight Loss Programs Work?

Has your doctor recommended a weight loss program? Research has shown that patients advised to lose weight by their physicians dropped more pounds on average than those who didn't receive a recommendation. It is certainly a promising finding, but it leaves the question of how overweight patients should go about losing weight? Should patients be [...]

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Joint Replacement Can be Improved by Bariatric Surgery

According to a presentation given at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference, 2 studies indicate that bariatric surgery before a joint replacement operation may substantially improve outcomes for patients. Although this is new research in the area of joint replacement specifically, we have seen previous research on the association between weightloss and reduced orthopedic problems. [...]

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Is It as Simple as “Just Eating Less”?

Almost any person who struggles with excess weight has been told time and again that they "just need to eat less and exercise more". This advice, whether it comes from family or strangers or even healthcare providers, is a frustrating oversimplification of a problem many don't understand. There's good reason to be weary of hearing [...]

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Cancer Experts’ Statement on Obesity

Did you know that obesity is positioned to outrank smoking as the leading preventable cause of cancer? Experts believe that it could be just years away. In addition to an increased risk of cancer, obesity can also have an impact on one’s chance of surviving certain cancers. One study found that being overweight or obese may contribute to [...]

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Diabetes is Costly – How Much Patients Pay

Type 2 diabetes, which is closely tied with obesity, is a costly disease. Diabetes patients spend an average of $6,000 annually on costs for treating their disease, according to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports Health. The cost includes doctor visits, monitoring supplies, medicines, annual eye exams and other routine expenses. This figure, large [...]

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Lap Band: Have You Seen “It Fits”?

Have you seen the new "It Fits' video? It features people finding those small moments in their day when something new - or old - fits after they've lost weight with bariatric surgery. Often we hear that it IS those seeming small moments, that mean so much. Sliding on your wedding right that's been too [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Buz and Lauren

Occasionally our patients make the decision to have bariatric surgery as a couple. Meet Buz and Lauren. They came to Chattanooga Bariatrics in 2001. Individual results may vary. Each had bariatric surgery, and here they are after losing a total of 320 pounds! Individual results may vary. Congratulations to a beautiful [...]

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