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New Study Results: Promising for Those with Type 2 Diabetes

The findings of a study from the Cleveland Clinic show promising long-term results for weight loss surgery patients with type 2 diabetes:  three years after having gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedures, most patients maintained control of the disease and were no longer dependent on diabetes medication. Ninety to ninety-five percent of the patients who had [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler. Here he is before he had bariatric surgery with us in 2011. He had lap band (adjustable gastric band) surgery in September of 2011. Here is Tyler, after losing 153 pounds!   Great job Tyler - we're so proud of your hard work and success. Want to meet another patient? Here is Mallory's story and Susan's [...]

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Lap Band for Lower BMI Patients: New Study

Much research has been done on the positive association between bariatric surgery and improvement or remission of diabetes. While the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are very effective treatments, these procedures are generally reserved for obese patients only. However, there has been some research on the potential for the gastric band to be used on [...]

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Large Study Shows Long Term Success of 3 Bariatric Procedures

If over 160,000 bariatric surgery cases were reviewed, what would the results show? Researchers answered that question with a new study they published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) last week. They analyzed data from many different studies to look at success rates in terms of weight lost, safety, and comparison of different [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Phil

Meet Phil. In August 2013 he weighed 389 lbs. They called him Philly G..... Exactly 6 months after the LapBand they now call him SKINNY G! Congratulations Phil on losing 137lb in just 6 months! All of us at Chattanooga Bariatrics are so proud of Phil's hard work and accomplishments. Want to meet another patient? [...]

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Weight Loss Surgery: Not a Last Resort

Weight loss surgery procedures have evolved over the past two decades, and are safe and effective treatments for obesity. Not only does weight loss surgery (or “bariatric surgery”) help induce weight loss, but also improves metabolic conditions. Many patients with diabetes who undergo surgery, such as the gastric sleeve or Lap-Band, experience improvement in their condition, [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Mallory

  Meet Mallory. She was the winner of our "Free Lap Band" contest in 2011. This is Mallory and Dr Ponce on the day she won the contest. Individual results may vary. Individual results may vary. Mallory lost 83 pounds in her first year with the Lap Band, and 113 pounds [...]

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New Guidelines Encourage Referrals to Bariatric Surgeons

New obesity guidelines have been published to help primary care providers (PCPs) manage obesity more effectively. The guidelines, referred to as Obesity 2, were created by an expert panel and published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in partnership with the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. The guidelines [...]

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Our Patients: Meet Susan

Meet Susan. This is Susan before she had bariatric surgery with Dr Ponce in 2006. She says: "Other then getting healthy I wanted to be able to get on my horse with out my husband boosting me up there, building me a set of steps, or holding the stirrup on the other side so I would [...]

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