Dr. Ponce: One of 1st in the Country to Offer ReShape Weight Loss Balloon

reshape_balloonWe are proud that Dr. Jaime Ponce is one of the first doctors in the country to be offering the ReShape balloon for weight loss. Dr. Ponce was the principle investigator in the clinical trials for the ReShape balloon. ReShape was the first balloon to earn approval for use in the US, and is now available to patients at Chattanooga Bariatrics.

Dr. Ponce is excited about this new offering for his patients. “For years, patients and doctors have been hoping for something that will bridge the gap between solely relying on lifestyle changes to lose weight, and making the choice to have bariatric surgery,” Dr. Ponce said. Although he and his team at Chattanooga Bariatrics have helped thousands of patients successfully lose weight with surgery, it is not the best option for every person. “The ReShape balloon is an important addition to our practice. This is a treatment that can work for many people who either prefer a non-surgical approach, are not able to have surgery, or do not fit the criteria for a Lap Band or sleeve,” Dr. Ponce explained.  The ReShape balloon is approved for adults with a BMI between 30 – 40. They must also have one weight-related health condition such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

“Patients who have the ReShape balloon procedure are taking part in a full year of weight loss where we coach them on their journey, meet with them regularly, and show them how to benefit from the tools included with the balloon. For example, every patient will get a Fitbit® wireless scale and activity tracker that will connect with an app or web portal.” The balloon is placed endoscopically in a procedure that generally takes less than 10 minutes, and happens while the patient is lightly sedated. The balloon generally stays in the patient’s stomach for 6 months, at which point Dr. Ponce removes it in a similar procedure to the placement. “We work with the patients during their 6 months of having the balloon, and for the 6 months after it is removed as well. We’re working to ensure each patient achieves their maximum weight loss and health benefits from this non-surgical option,” Dr. Ponce added.

If you’re interested in the ReShape balloon, you can speak with Dr. Ponce’s office at 423-899-1000.

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