Featured Presenter at Surgeons’ Educational Event

Dr. Jaime Ponce attended the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery’s (ASMBS) 2nd annual Fall Educational Event last week. He served as the Director of a video course on managing difficult cases and was featured as an expert speaker at several sessions.

Before the start of the conference, Dr. Ponce participated in the ASMBS Executive Council meeting as the President-Elect of the society. The meeting included a review of the past year, plans for the upcoming year, and extensive discussion of access-to-care issues. Dr. Ponce has been working along with Dr. Robin Blackstone, current President of ASMBS, on the issues presented and discussed with the rest of the council.

Following the Executive Council meeting, the educational event began on Friday when bariatric surgeons from around the country attended courses which covered various topics in bariatric surgery, including management of difficult cases, adolescents, sleeve gastrectomy, and Center of Excellence designation. For a course about weight loss procedures in patients with lower BMI, Dr. Ponce presented on the laparoscopic gastric band procedure for these patients. He also spoke at a session about billing and coding, and moderated a course in complex cases and management of complications of gastric bands. Later that day, Dr. Ponce co-directed a video course about managing difficult bariatric cases which covered various laparoscopic techniques for addressing complications.

On the final day of the event, Dr. Ponce, along with Dr. Emma Patterson, spoke about complications of the adjustable gastric band. Dr. Ponce covered dysphagia and weight loss failure and Dr. Patterson covered slippage and erosion. Attending programs like the ASMBS Fall Educational Event are critical to surgeons who prioritize staying on the cutting edge of research and having the chance to collaborate with other leading surgeons.

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