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At Chattanooga Bariatrics, we are proud to announce we now offer Obalon – the first and only FDA approved system of three weight loss balloons that you swallow.

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The deflated Obalon balloon is in a pill form. You swallow the pill at the doctor’s office, and the balloon is then inflated.

Once it’s in your stomach, the Obalon balloon  inflated with gas to take up room. You may have up to 3 of these balloons to take up maximum room in your stomach.

How Obalon Works

The Obalon Balloon System will not “make” you lose weight. Instead, it is a tool that allows you to benefit more from the work you do at eating better and moving more. In studies, people who had Obalon Balloon System lost about twice as much weight than those who tried diet and exercise alone.

During your 6 months with the Obalon balloons, it’s important to work on portion size, choosing lean proteins and enough fruit and vegetables, and staying hydrated. You’ll work with our team to learn the best ways you can adapt your lifestyle to benefit the most from the balloon system.

After your 6 months with the balloons in place, all the balloons will be removed at the same time in a single doctor’s visit. During this visit you’ll be lightly sedated while the doctor deflates each balloon and removes it from your stomach using a thin tube that’s placed down your throat.

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The cost of the Obalon Balloon System with Chattanooga Bariatrics is $6000.  Insurance does not cover the cost of weight loss balloons. This procedure is a self-pay procedure only. Your cost includes placement of three balloons, removal and comprehensive dietary support for 6 months. 

Financing is available, so please visit this page to learn more about your financing options.

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