Our Patients: Meet Susan

Meet Susan.

This is Susan before she had bariatric surgery with Dr Ponce in 2006. She says: “Other then getting healthy I wanted to be able to get on my horse with out my husband boosting me up there, building me a set of steps, or holding the stirrup on the other side so I would not pull my horse over on me. At the time I had the band my boys were Jr. Rodeoing and I wanted to be able to travel and ride with them without them being embarrassed.”


Susan lost 97.5 pounds. “Dr Ponce is a wonderful man. I love him dearly, he has changed my life so much.  Now I’m able to saddle my own horse, get on, and ride with my boys wherever they want to go!”

“Dr. Ponce saved my life, my migraines have decreased, my cholesterol is way down from what it was and I don’t feel like I am carrying boulders around on my chest.

I eat healthier. I have not had a Pepsi in 7 yrs and I was a die hard Pepsi addict. I recommend the band to all my friends and my best friend had it done and she has grand children and is so much healthier and happier.”


My best advice to anyone having lapband done is to keep a photo diary. To see how far you have come on this amazing journey. I hold a special place in my heart for Chattanooga Bariatrics!

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